In the year 2008 the lord Jesus established The Missionaries of Christ Church (MCC) through the apostolic work of His servant REV. DR. CHARLES ANTWI-BOASIAKO and his wife REV. MRS. KATE ANTWI-BOASIAKO with the vision of restoring missionary mindedness to His body.

The vision that Christ has given to His church is to build up a church where each and every member will know for sure that he or she is a missionary of Christ. Where ever God positions him or her becomes his or her mission field. You don’t need to travel alone to be a missionary. This church is to gather together level-headed, sound, rational and established Christians who have a strong passion of seeking Christ and knowing Him alone. Not being tossed to and fro by the false gospel in this present-day; but be prepared to learn and show themselves approved unto the LORD, while fulfilling the great commission.

As part of the vision of MCC, the Lord then called for the establishment of GSHS as an off-shoot of the main vision of MCC to train Christian Missionaries for the health system. The aim of GSHS is then to educate students, imparting values for scholarship and for living. Through its Health training programs, the School challenges students to think critically, to excel in their academic disciplines, to model Christ bringing physical and spiritual healing to their clients. The Missionaries of Christ Church therefore provide Apostolic directions, spiritual leadership and covering to GSHS through the Senior Pastor, the associate Reverend Ministers, the Pastors, Deacons and Stewards.


We strive to raise missionaries for Christ in the Health delivery system.


We exist to provide each student with a unique opportunity to acknowledge and respond to the Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit while participating in a high quality health training program which aims at producing well behave health missionaries in our Hospitals.

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