British Council collaborates with Greenhills School of Health Sciences to enhance students' proficiency in English

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Mr. Balvinder Singh Kandra, the Examinations Manager of British Council Ghana and Mr. George Addo-Quaye, Examination Assistant of British Council Ghana met with Management of GSHS to discuss a collaborative package between the two institution. This meeting is as a result of the President’s initiative as a guest of the (meeting organized for the nurses) held on.

In Mr. Kandra’s open address, he said, Aptis efficiently and accurately assesses the English skills in an organization for speaking, writing, reading and listening and it helps Employers to make informed decisions on recruitment, workforce development and training by providing reliable and accurate results about the English skills of prospective and current employees. He added that the Aptis test offers a flexible testing solution that meets every business needs and one could assess the English skills in all four language skills, thus speaking, writing, reading and listening and also incorporates a grammar and vocabulary test, which make it different from the other test. He concluded by saying that the Aptis is an internationally benchmarked English test, flexible enough to be delivered in any environment and suitable for any candidate regardless of current skill level.

Management was pleased with his presentation and arranged for a meeting with Staff and Students.

Mr. Kandra explained to the Staff and Student about the need for the test , he said Aptis is an internationally recognized English Proficiency Test which all staff and students were encouraged to patronize. He explained that, there is a need now than later for this test as a result of the influx of foreigners and expatriate in the country. Additionally, as health workers this will give students and advantage in their career and personal development.Management explain the need Aptis in order to meet the standard of the job market sinces a lot of foriegners are now employers and will require international standard Mr. Kandra added that, one benefit of the collaboration is to make Greenhills a British Council Aptis test exams center.All staff and student present agreed to take the exams in our ultra modern ICT Lab at the end of February 2017.

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