Greenhills School of Health Sciences requires all fresh students to report on the stated date on their admission letter to go through a process of registration and orientation. Orientation is compulsory for all freshmen. Continuous students are to report to school at least a week to the commencement of the academic year to pay at least 70% of fees and register their courses with the Academic Officer.

Application and Registration Procedures for Freshers

The following procedures are to be taken to ensure ones induction into the school in pursuance of any course of his/her choice.

a) Admission Forms: Each Student is required to pick an admission form to be filled out and submitted with other relevant documents to the Administrator of the school.

b) Entrance Exams: Each Student is expected to have written an entrance exams organized by GSHS.

c) Interview: Each Student is required to have passed the interview organized by GSHS.

d) Admission Letter: Having passed the interview, an admission letter which includes your student reference or index number on the School’s letter head should be given to you.

e) Payment of Fees: At least 70% of the fees should have been paid into the school's bank acount and the bank draft submitted to the accountant. For further enquires on the admission and payment procedures see the Administrator.

f) Registration: The course must be registered at the Academic Office. For further enquires on the admission and payment procedures see the Administrator.

Registration Protocol

All students are to adhere to the following registration protocol to be eligible as a student of Greenhills School of Health Sciences.

1. Register your details at the Administrator’s office

2. Pay your fees at the Account’s Office

3. Register your courses for the semester at the Academic Office

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