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Welcome to Greenhills School of Health Sciences. It is our desire that God's Word impact your life, that your life might impact the world. The Health training programme in this School has been designed to make you a cutting edge health personnel. In every generation, God raises up men and women just like you to take their place in fulfilling the great commission in the health delivery sector. If you allow His Word to be planted in your heart, it will become a living transforming power that will also change others as you take care of their health needs. The Lord has a special and specific assignment for you. Every Christian student has a purpose and destiny to fulfill in Christ.

This School has been birthed out of a heart to see men and women fulfill their destiny in Christ by becoming His missionaries in the Health delivery system. In this light, the student must always rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for power, strength and wisdom in taking care of their clients.

It is our delight to invite you and to encourage you to submit your life to Christ as you go through this health training. We believe you have before you a wonderful opportunity. The preparation required for effective ministry is tough and demanding; but we believe you can rise to the challenge, and we pray that you will take your place in the Kingdom of God.

We encourage you to make use of our ultra-modern lecture theatres, computer and medical laboratory, demonstration room, library, executive hostel facility, cafeteria, athletic square and medical centre for hands-on clinical practicals.

Finally, let me add that Greenhills School of Health Sciences’ lecturers and staff are dedicated to serving serious minded students.



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